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Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC)
Well-maintained heating ventilation and air conditioning systems use energy more efficiently – that saves money on energy costs, which has to be important for any business right now - and reduces carbon emissions which is important for the rest of the world. All heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems require regular servicing as part of your routine building maintenance. At Excel Property Works we offer competitive maintenance packages to suit all applications and budgets.

Critical Air Conditioning Maintenance
In many commercial premises, air conditioning systems are somewh at taken for granted. It’s only when it fails that people realise how indispensable it is. Its breakdown often results in business disruption, especially if the system is an integral part of service delivery, such as in the case of a restaurant or anywhere regulalry running lots of computers, especially a data centre. Air conditioning equipment can account for a large part of a building's energy costs. Sometimes, air conditioning can even double a building's energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Checking that HVAC systems are working as intended will help to prevent them from using energy inefficiently and also decrease the risk of breakdown and stop escalating costs. In this way, regular maintenance of equipment and controls makes sound sense to any business.

There is no point in having an efficiently running system if the carefully-conditioned air gets stopped by some unknown obstruction before reaching the work areas. Blockages in HVAC systems are common and so part of our maintenance plans are about making sure that the filters are regularly checked and depending on the system, cleaned or replaced regulalry. We offer guaranteed hourly rates and response times to suit.

Planned / Reactive Maintenance

Ask us about maintenance packages for any of the systems below:

  • Packaged-Units
  • Gas Systems
  • Split Cassette Systems
  • Split Wall Mount Systems
  • Process Cooling Systems
  • VRV Systems
  • VRF Systems
  • Fan Coil Unit Systems
  • Multi-Split Systems
  • Air Handling Units
Every business is different - so depending on the size and complexity of your installation, we will have a maintenance package to suit. Ask us for a free no obligation survey to ascertain your needs and find the Excel Property Works package that is right for you.

  • Air Conditioning & heat pumps
  • Inspections and surveys
  • Regular planned maintenance
  • Equipment installation
  • Responsive emergency call outs

New Installations

We specify quote and install and for many leading equipment manufacturers and brands:

If you have a particular brand or type of system in mind, please don’t hesitate to mention it as we can generally discuss and source whatever is needed. All our work is carried out by certified staff and carries a full 12 month guarantee.

Ask us for an energy audit which can be carried out for a small fee; on average, following the recommendations in an energy audit can result in a 25 percent to 30 percent reduction of annual energy consumption. Moreover, saving money isn't the only reason to have an energy audit performed.

In a thorough audit, four broad areas are covered:

  • Health and safety of the occupants
  • Building durability
  • Comfort
  • Energy efficiency
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