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Electrical maintenance

When you are employing people in an office or commercial premises, in fact in any workplace you have obvious duties with regard to electrical safety as well as well-established legal guidelines to follow (there are standards set in the EAW Regulations ‘89). These rules and regulations are all about the steps you need to take to keep risks to your employees to a minimum, and within them are guidelines for the installation, servicing and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems.

Some systems which deal with essential safety, such as fire detection, alarm monitors and systems and emergency lighting require periodic checking, testing and maintenance. In larger buildings the practical everyday people and goods transport systems such as escalators, moving walkways and lifts, also need periodic checking and routine maintenance.

From an Insurance point of view you need to keep all of this carefully up to date – if your certification can’t be produced at the appropriate time then insurance policies may not be honoured when you need them to be.

BS 7671 (the IET Wiring Regulations) and the accompanying Guidance Notes discuss the periodic testing and inspection that should be at the heart of any maintenance regime for the premises’ electrical installation.

With a maintenance system like ours, the necessary activity is recorded and signed off by our qualified and certified staff.  To gain compliance for fire alarms, and emergency systems we recommend a log book recording regular tests should be utilised. Dates of testings, any problems, and actions to make remedies should all be recorded in it.

Lighting Maintenance

In today's economic climate, many organisations are seeking tangible ways to reduce unnecessary expenditure, particularly as they will have to make payments according to their level of carbon emissions (in line with the government's carbon reduction commitment targets). It is therefore prudent and timely to consider installing energy efficient lighting systems supported by regular maintenance programs.

Daylight and occupancy sensors provide a cost-effective solution to traditional installations and there are now cheaper, more competitive installation systems for back office areas. Utilising newer technologies such as the 35W CDM-T lamp can provide substantial energy savings, and with regular maintenance and service regimes, modern lighting installations can reduce capital investment as well as energy costs.

Electrical Testing

PAT testing
PAT testing is an important part of any health and safety policy. This, in effect, requires the implementation of a systematic and regular program of maintenance, inspection and testing which we are fully accredited to carry out. This process will help you to meet your legal obligations running a workplace or place of commerce in Britain.

Fixed Wire Testing
Fixed Wire Testing can also be referred to as a Periodic Inspection Report. This is a procedure that is undertaken to evaluate and report on the condition of an electrical installation, to help ensure its safety. This must be done every 5 years, depending on the type of building involved. We are fully accredited to carry out Fixed Wire Testing.

Our experience and customer relations
We have spent more than 15 years working in the electrical and lighting industry and possess extensive product and fitting knowledge. If there is anything to know about electrical systems, supply and lamps and lighting, you can bet we know it all. We also pride ourselves on providing extraordinary customer service and communications skills and the rapport that we build with our clients and engineers is worth more than its weight in gold. All of our team are hard-working and methodical, yet we will always strive to be pleasant and even fun to work with.

Lamp Supply

Excel Property Works is able to offer significant advantages when it comes to lamp supply: We guarantee next day delivery on orders placed before 4pm (excluding weekends).

We only use branded lamps so our clients know that they are receiving quality lamps which will last.

All of our lamps are covered by manufacturers' guarantees.

Swift and effortless ordering means an end to all that time consuming admin. Simply contact us for details to learn more.

LED Installations

LED Lighting is most certainly today’s way forward, as it costs a fraction of the price of traditional products to run, throws out less heat, is generally safer, what’s more at is kinder to the environment and can looks absolutely fantastic in your working environment.

At Excel Property Works we can help you choose the LED system which is right for you and, we stock a massive range of LED Lighting choices from LED uplighters, floor lamps stock display systems, wall lights,and more.
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